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Who's joining

Graeme Laberge
Nicole Power
Gabrielle Feldmann
Penny Thompson
Penny Thompson
Juneeja Varghese
Thea deGroot
alexa mcdonough
Markus O'Brien Fehr
Hub Meuse
Jane Garthson
Rodger Ricker
Fran Rawlings
Brittany Andrew-Amofah
Phil Marfisi
Erica Lavecchia
Nasir Shaerpour
Lori Shortreed
keith czarny
Dianne VolunteerKW
Alexander Lambrecht
Corrie Sakaluk
Aditya Chaudhuri
Monika Ferenczy
Candies Kotchapaw
Isabel Villeneuve
Jake Deutsch
Olivia Dorey
Meagan Kay-Fowlow
Hart Jansson

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