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    Stronger Democracy. Better Canada.


    A donation to Samara is in support of democracy and greater political participation across the country to build better politics, and a better Canada, for everyone. 

    Samara has become Canada's most trusted, non-partisan champion of increased civic engagement and a more positive public life. Your gift today will transform Canada's democratic system and assist in encouraging greater political participation across the country.  

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    ifrah-shah_copy.jpg"Samara is reconnecting citizens to politics in the right way. By focusing on building the capacity of youth to become champions within their own partisan and non-partisan political environments, they have started a ripple that will travel far and continue to gain momentum."  

    - Ifrah Shah, Everyday Political Citizen Youth, 2015   

     rick-mercer-cropped_headshot.jpg“I love Samara. They’re an amazing charity. Their entire reason for being is to inspire Canadians to become more involved in democracy. What’s not to love? They’re not  stuffy; they have a great sense of humour. If you love politics you can spend hours on their website.” 

    - Rick Mercer / Political Satirist and Everyday Political Citizen Juror  

     If you have any questions or need assistance please contact Jenn Phillips at jenn.phillips@samaracanada.com or 416.960.7927.


     Samara is a registered charity. Tax receipts will be issued for donations over $25. 

    Charitable number: 843093295RR0001


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    Q: If you have a strong network in any cities besides the one in which you currently live, please list them here:
    A: Ottawa

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